Hi! My name is Sasha and I’m from Puerto Rico! Crazed about makeup since I can remember thanks to Mom, who was also a makeup addict as well! Not a Professional Makeup Artist, more of a Makeup Enthusiast! I’m self taught and may I say Instagram/YouTube taught. Still got much to learn! Here you will find everything makeup, fashion tid bits and things I’d love to share and hope you guys like! Welcome and take a look! Enjoy your stay! ☺️

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  1. Victoria says:

    Hey Sasha!!! I wanted to inform you that I nominated you for the Really Neat Blog Award!!! I just love your blog and you are so gorgeous!!! Please take the time out to visit funlittlejoys.wordpress.com to see details of accepting this nomination.


    Victoria-Author/Blogger of Fun Little Joys

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    • SashaKrim says:

      Yay!! Thank you for that!!!☺️ it means a lot!!! I’ll definetly will be checking out!!!! I’m glad you love my blog!!! I always visit yours!!! Thanks a lot Victoria!!!🙏🏽💖


  2. Patricia says:

    Hi! I know this is not makeup related, but i just LOVE the color effects on your hair! I think it looks fabulous! I’ve never dyed my hair and ive been looking at salons to find the perfect colorist/stylist for me.. If you could share what are your favorite places to go and color/style your hair that would be great! Thank you and congrats on the blog! 💖

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    • SashaKrim says:

      You can ask anything you want!☺️ thank you!! The color effects on my hair I did it my self with bleach leaving it as short as 5 mins on. That’s why my hair was not dyed and it is fine texture. The thing is that all my life I’ve worked on beauty salons as receptionist. And I’ve learned a thing or two. As for recommendations, first off, do you live in Puerto Rico? If you do, I can recommend where I last worked. The name of the salon is Cristobal Color Studio. Ask for Cristobal which is the owner and he is the only colorist in Puerto Rico certified by the American Board of colorist, it is pricey but the quality is amazing. Other great options as well (not sure about prices) are at Nick Andre Salon and there you can ask for Birma or Juanjose! Set Hair Project, you can ask for Fabi or Malik! Also you can go to Saline, which is a new salon and ask for Jeff! I hope this helps!!! Let me know if you actually live here and what did you do!!! I’d love to see the outcome!!! Thanks so much for reading and subscribing!!!💖


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